Rx Canna Care CBD Oil Pet Tinctures


Specially formulated concentration for your furry friends. At 1mg CBD per drop, you can now accurately give your pets what they need.

Can be given as is by mouth, mixed in food or on a treat.

Standard dosing roughly 1-3 times a day as needed, increase/decrease according to symptoms assuming approx 20 drops per ml, and 30ml per bottle.

600mg CBD = at 1mg per drop




Benefits can be

NOW: Used as needed for short-term relief of symptoms like anxiety, nausea, digestive issues, joint and muscle pains.
LATER: With daily use for long-term homeostasis with its anti-inflammatory properties useful in managing a plethora of chronic symptoms as well as aggression reduction to help your pet live in a calm, relaxed state.

With current suggested application rates of 1mg per 10lbs weight and our formula containing 1mg CBD per single drop, the math is simple for any pet.

10lb = 1 drop 20lb = 2 drop 30lb = 3 drop … etc.

*keep in mind that age, body type, metabolism, sex, the breed can all affect your pets ability to absorb CBD these dosages are just for reference based off currently available information, you may need more or less to achieve the desired results.

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600 mg@1 mg-drop/ 30mL


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