How To Take CBD And How Long It Lasts

How To Take CBD And How Long It Lasts

Below is a quick reference guide to taking CBD. Depending on your symptoms, the method of CBD delivery into your body can be quite important. Vaping will give you the quickest relief, but must be done multiple times in a day, whereas an edible might take longer to work with your symptoms, yet the desired effect lasts longer. Always start out slowly and use the lowest possible dose to build up the cannabidiol in your body.

Smoking or vaping: onset 2-4 minutes effects last 2-4 hours

Sublingual: onset 25-20 minutes effects last 6-8 hours

Edibles: onset 2-3 hours effects last 10-14 hours When edibles are taken daily, in 5-7 days they “build up” in the body as they are stored in the fatty tissue. Thus, if the dose needs to be titrated up, many people can take 2 edibles once a day, instead of one edible twice a day.

Creams: onset 10-20 minutes effects last 4-6 hours