5 Top Ways To Use CBD

The 5 Best Ways to Utilize CBD

By: Courtney Latourneau

You’ve decided to hop on the CBD train. You’ve heard of the countless medical benefits
attributed to it and thought, why not try it? Then you are thrown into the vast market of CBD items. If you are like me, I had only ever heard of vaping CBD oil to consume it. Turns out, there are a handful of different ways to embrace this miracle substance.


Vaping was the only method of utilizing CBD oil that I had ever heard of before. It’s an option
that allows for quick effectiveness and it also appeals to people who already are inclined
towards vaping, i.e. those who vape marijuana, vape nicotine products or smoke cigarettes.

CBD vaping has also been known to ease withdrawals and help people quit their tobacco smoking habits. Some people can’t stand the taste of using the oil or tinctures, so vaping is a tastier alternative. The process of smoking from a vaporizer is its own ritual in a certain way. Using a vaporizer was a bit foreign to me as I had never really smoked anything before. The most common tool for this is something that looks like an e-cigarette. You want the vapor to be absorbed into your lungs to pass into the bloodstream, so make sure you are inhaling deep into your lungs. Vaping is less abrasive than burning, so it has never burned my throat the same way I imagine cigarette smoke may. It’s a gentle, discreet and quick way to get your CBD dose.



Oils and tinctures are extremely common ways to ingest CBD. This is the way that I utilize CBD for myself. I find it easy as I can take my doses once in the morning or once at night and I am good throughout the day. I’ve never been a smoker or a vaper, so the vaping route never appealed to me personally. I find the oil to have instantaneous calming effects for my anxiety and have found it to have compounded positive effects on my overall mood and demeanor. The oils come with a dropper and you simply measure the dose and drop it under or onto your tongue. If the taste/texture isn’t for you (it took me some getting used to the kind of greasy feel – it is oil after all) some people drop the oil and mix it into food for easier consumption.



This method of utilizing CBD is endlessly awesome to me. It’s lotion that has high concentrates of CBD inside. There has been proven efficacy for not only pain relief but also skin conditions such as eczema, acne and even showed anti-aging properties (hello new anti-wrinkle?) Another benefit is the relief is instant, as soon as you slather it on.




I really enjoy edible CBD from time-to-time. The only reason I don’t utilize them enough is the ones I have close access to are usually sold with melatonin inside the product as well, which makes me super sleepy. There are plenty of CBD edibles that don’t contain melatonin however, so eat as you like. I’ve tried gummies in the past, but there is a giant market of CBD edibles ranging from gummies to ground coffee.



This is basically the easier to transport CBD oil. The capsules make it easier to bring around with you, say, if you are going somewhere you know you will need to take some more. The ease of use is a big plus to utilizing capsules, but also the fact that you don’t have to bother with pesky measuring of the oil in the dropper. However, these can take up to an hour to begin working. So they are not the best option for immediate relief.


Courtney is a freelance writer who is passionate about natural remedies, piles of books and deserted beaches.