CBD, A Miracle For My Brother

CBD, A Miracle For My Brother
AG , June 18, 2018

Our ancestors knew something that we have lost through decades of reprogramming, the simple truth that our bodies are extensions of Planet Earth. We are collectively provided for by Mother Nature and ultimately everything that we need, we have. Pharmaceuticals or medicinal drugs is a multi billion dollar industry and it is clear to see why. From one pill to another, side effects and on going illnesses trap humans in an ongoing cycle of dis-ease.

Cannabis plants are one of many magical healers this planet has for us. More specifically, the compounds that cannabis carries – “cannabinoids”. Out of these cannabinoids comes CBD or cannabidiol which has been found to treat anxiety, depression, ease inflammation, relieve pain, provide antioxidants, and in some cases treat neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

My brother, Jadyn, is twelve years old and one morning before school had started, he had a drop seizure. This was something my family and I had never experienced before. After taking him in for some tests to understand what was happening, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Hearing life threatening news like this is almost unreal, the grand realization that this will be my brother’s life as he knew it and I could not do anything to help or make it stop was heart breaking.

My family and I have never been fans of pharmaceuticals so hearing the doctor explain Jadyn’s prescribed medication and its list of infinite side effects had me feeling like none of this could really be happening. We decided to take our own approach on this matter. As we researched natural ways to treat seizures we stumbled upon CBD oil and ever since, Jadyn has yet to take a prescribed pill. The list of benefits that come with CBD continues to grow! It is absolutely fascinating to witness the magic of this compound when it interacts with the human body.

Taken in oil tincture Jadyn takes his dosage twice a day, once when he wakes up and another before bed. The strong medication he is “supposed” to be taking has been found by 59% of patients to cause more reoccurring seizures and 49% noted that the medication caused severe effects such as vomiting and weakness and in some cases psychotic episodes. From this medication, if the seizures do not slow down the patients go onto an even stronger medication. Thankfully, CBD helps control his seizures without the negative side effects while benefiting many other aspects of Jadyn’s body!

Jadyn gets seizures once a month, only in the mornings before school and fortunately he just went through May of 2018 seizure free! CBD oil helps him with his anxiety and depression as well because for a little boy, this is a lot to handle. The oil allows his mind to have a sense of peace and clarity. Having access to this oil I have found myself taking my own dosage to ease my anxiety and it works wonders every time! I truly can feel my body coming into alignment with itself through this compound. The various benefits of this magical healing plant is about to change the way the collective mass see’s and understands modern medicine.